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A Little Information On French Gulch

country boy mine's view in breckenridge, colorado

The Country Boy Mine is located in the famous French Gulch area, where gold was discovered by a miner named French Pete in 1860. This valley was abundantly rich in gold, silver, lead, and zinc and played a meaningful role in the gold rush of Breckenridge. French Gulch is home to the Reiling Gold Dredge boat, built in 1908. It extracted gold bearing ore and sank in French Gulch where it can be seen and view the rock pile landscapes it created.

Tom’s Baby was discovered in the same neighborhood, a 13.5 pound crystalized piece of wire gold! The owner, Tom Groves wrapped the specimen in a baby blanket bundle and carried it around town like a baby. French Gulch has numerous mines and estimates over 1,000,000 ounces of gold, which was mined between 1859 and 1946.

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