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Gold Panning

Keep What You Find!

Quick Details

Walk the grounds & meet our burros.

Pan for gold (and keep your riches!)

Starts At
People Ages: 4+
Children Ages: 3 & Under
**children must be accompanied by an adult**

You can choose to skip the tour and go straight to gold panning in Breckenridge, Colorado!

Delve into the cool waters of Eureka Creek and unearth the treasures it holds. Eureka Creek weaves its way deep through the mountain carrying all types of minerals including the precious gleam of gold. Skip the tour, come gold panning, and take home your findings.

This hands-on approach allows you to connect intimately with the region’s rich mining history and the natural wealth that flows through its veins. So, trade the tour for the excitement of panning, and let the glittering allure of gold in Eureka Creek captivate you.

NOTE: Waterproof shoes are recommended for gold panning.