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Established 1887
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Explore the Mine Site

While visiting the historic Country Boy Mine site you can examine the original mining equipment, take a ponder at the old photographs, & have fun with the exhibits to revisit the past and marvel at days gone by. 

Stroll Through the Original Buildings

Wander through the restored buildings that include the Compressor House and  Blacksmith Shop and be amazed that these buildings withstood 400 plus inches of snow on their roofs year after snowy year! 

See the Original Equipment

We are fortunate to have some of the original equipment used at the Country Boy Mine during the Colorado Gold Rush.

Relive the History

On the walking park read the information about French Gulch, the historic valley where the Country Boy Mine is located. Learn about the Wellington Mine with 18 miles of underground mining tunnels, learn about the largest gold mass ever found, named Tom’s Baby and view the rocks from those banging dredge boats!

Admire the Views

The views of the Ten Mile Mountain range are spectacular, enjoy them with a picnic lunch and relax in the sunshine.